A Field Guide to Words: Enlightening, Eclectic, Entertaining

A Field Guide to Words enlightening, eclectic, entertaining. These Field Guides are the ideal companion for teachers and logophiles. 

The writers, two educators, share their passion for orthographic linguistics to celebrate the sense and order of English orthography. They delight in the extraordinary, the hidden stories, the wonders of a word’s past and present. 

With these guides in your hand, you and your students will be inspired to investigate and marvel at the richness of the English language. 

Our latest Field Guide to Words – PLAY highlights:

– the written orthographic statement with teacher dialogue 

– Chancery Script, the foundation for all orthographic study

– an annotated matrix 

– how to read an etymology entry

– compounds

– a key phonological investigation.

A Field Guide to Words goes beyond and beneath the surface to uncover the unity and interrelationship of morphology, etymology and phonology. 

A Field Guide to Words: revised APRIL 2022


Transformation & Metamorphosis 




Australia – Click on this LINK

International – Click on this LINK 


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